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Severe summer is coming to us, then the club takes a series of measures to get cool for our club members, so that you can enjoy the cool that Aoyuan prepares for you in the intense heat of summer.

Our carts are equipped with a small refrigerator which can provide you cold drinks, and make the cool accompany you in the course all the way long;

Caddies are equipped with interphones, which makes it convenient to know about the integral condition of the course, and then it can give you a much better batting experience;

To avoid cross-inflection of virus on the lawn in summer, when leaving and going back to the course, golf shoes need to be disinfected through disinfection pool, by which grass can enjoy the summer easily and the quality of the lawn in the course can also be kept well!

 There are mung bean soups for our gusts and club members to beat the heat in the dinning hall and rest pavilion;

The iced watermelons make you feel cool and fresh;

There are rain-resist cloths on the cart to protect you from rain and wind in the rainy summer;


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